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Jan & Janny

Type of stay: Gastenkamer

For Margriet and Ronald,

"There can only love live
there is only `t live well,
where one happy and relaxed,
does everything for another. "

This old-fashioned verse is certainly both of you apply.
That you may go well.
Jan and Janny

PS: The nice surprise on Jan`s birthday made ​​this day even more special than it already was.

Hans & Tryntsje

Type of stay: Gastenkamer

"In daalders plakje"

Dear Ronald and Margriet,
In two ways it is a beautiful place here to have your holidays.
- Quinta Verde is a great spot in the green, but close to sea and many attractions.
- You know what guests appreciate: a nice breakfast, a comfortable bed, coffee / tea making facilities in the room, space in the bathroom for your things, flowers, a candle and so on.
Your BenB is a

Hans and Tryntsje
it Haerrenfean

Martine & Angelo

Type of stay: Gastenkamer

Here in this piece of paradise,
I swim like a cheerful plaice,
Beautiful nature, close to the sea,
Whith fine people, I feel good.
Herefore this little poem or song,
Especially for Ronald and Margriet.

10 to 10

Martine and Angelo

A3 & Marja van der Kaaij

Type of stay: Gastenkamer

Dear Ronald and Margriet,
Our arrival coincided with a special event for you. But nothing you warm and cordial hospitality disturbed.
We have delighted every day at the delicious breakfast with surprises, and especially the jammetjes.
With tips for discoveries in the beautiful environment we have created fun and exciting excursions.
Although not always want to cooperate, the weather this week is like a sunny experience in our memory.
Thanks for everything!

A3 & Marja van der Kaaij

Ali & Dik

Type of stay: Vakantiehuisje

Dear Margriet and Ronald,
Finally a good bed! Oh, so important for relaxing in the holiday out.
Of rest actually came very little, because there's more to see on a relatively short distance. Your choice of this place is probably not happen overnight unturned!
For us it is a revelation to come after 35 years in this environment back. Then by car and tent, now by plane, rental car in a super luxury house with all the trimmings! There really is nothing missing.
The garden, the hobby of Margriet containing many different birds has far exceeded our expectations. The beautiful view of 180 can not be expressed in words.
You do not even need actually go away to still enjoy everything.
To see the Small Blackcap so close and so often for us this stay more than worth it.
Your warm welcome, the perfect tips for proper restaurants and hot appetizers, sometimes ordered at the last minute were very popular.

Thanks for your hospitality and maybe see you on a Saturday at the North Market (9 -17 hours) or on the Amstelveld (`Mondays 9-15 pm) at the Utrechtsestreet in Amsterdam.

Love Ali and Dik

Hetty & Jan

Type of stay: Gastenkamer

Dear Margriet and Ronald,
What we are going to write in the guest book will probably be too short.
We have enjoyed the past few days, despite the little stress that we encountered in finding the route to our guest address (Editor's note: sorry that Jan did not use our directions description ;)).
We are also full of praise for your efforts. It can not be better in our view.
The breakfast was for us sometimes too abundant. Furthermore, the location and the ambience of your home is beautiful.
The room and the decor is beautiful and the location of the pool as well.
We have you experienced as two wonderful people with great sense for your work.

Maybe goodbye,
Hetty & Jan

Jan & Margriet

Type of stay: Vakantiehuisje

"Being part of evrything, that you can feel here"

Dear Ronald and Margriet

We love to come back
Jan and Margriet

"I was in Peniche
on the beach
of a misunderstanding
when I heard two waves
just before they
would break

one said:
it is done
We will here
the other said
Of course not
you're not a golf

you are the sea "

Elly & Pierre

Type of stay: Gastenkamer

Dear Ronald,
Everything that others have written about Quinta Verde, we don*t repeat; we just agree.
Quinta Verde is beautiful, is situated beautiful and is an ideal base from which one can visit one of the most beautiful parts of Portugal.
Enjoyed we have also by your advice on restaurants and especially the special hospitality that you have shown us.

We like to come back and hope we can meet Margriet.
Thank you and goodbye,
Elly & Pierre
(from Waalwijk)

Kees & Mia

Type of stay: Vakantiehuisje

Dear Margriet and Ronald,
Where a trial subscription to the "Plus" (Magazine) can lead.
That"bed and breakfast" in Portugal seemed something.
And ...... it was more than that!
- Nice house
- Stunning views
- Nice environment
- Hospitality
- A delicious breakfast
- Good care
Basically, it was all completely finished.

Thank you very much,
Greetings Kees and Mia

Harold & Marjan

Type of stay: Gastenkamer

Dear Margaret and Ronald,
Four nights are too short.
That we can determine after this lovely stay in a beautiful setting.
And those breakfasts! Every day a new surprise. Delicious.
Very thoughtful to give us Salie against the cold every day. What a splendid Portuguese habit.
Thanks and maybe goodbye.

Harold and Marjan