Here you can read all of the unique experiences of those who have been in Quinta Verde! The reviews are orderd by date. Would you like to add a review to our guestbook? Mail it to us via our contact screen.


Frits & Liesbeth Lemmen

Type of stay: Guest Room

Dear Margriet and Ronald.
Quinta Verde was for us:
- Peacefull, with a lot of space, a beautiful house, great views and beautiful surroundings.
- Every morning a breakfast to look forward to, with delicious coffee and surprising jams.
- A fine room, a nice long bed and a hot shower.
- Nice rooms, with beautiful paintings, quiet corners and a lovely terrace.
- A welcome feeling and caring, an extra pot of coffee.
In the evening a cold beer at the football game and fado in the morning.

Thank you for 5 wonderful days and maybe we will see you again,
Frits and Liesbeth Lemmen

Jos, Esther, Max & Marry

Type of stay: holiday cottage

Dear Margriet&Ronald,
Our first holiday in Portugal with our son Max! (15 years ago)
After Lisbon it was a relief to arrive here.
"Delighted" we were of the house, with a lot of surprises! Gosh they have also thought of coffee pods and sandwich-bags and washing powder :-)
A delicious bottle of wine on the table and fresh fruit! We will definitely come back because we feel here really at home!
Concerning the environment here is plenty to do and you`ll keep the money in your pocket, because everything is very cheap (7.50 for 4 cakes and 4 drinks) :-)
In the Netherlands we will search for these mattresses, very luxurious beds!
We wish you a lot of success this summer and once again congratulate you warmly on your No. 1 trading on Zoover!
Jos, Esther and Max Ruigrok & Manny Hut

Ton & Tunske

Type of stay: Guest Room

Dear Margriet and Ronald,

What a wonderful welcoming days we spent with you!
We felt so welcome!
The breakfast was excellent and a good start of the day!
Today we heard that you are number 1 in Zoover, from the BenB`s in Portugal !!! Well deserved.

Hope to come again
Kind regards,
Ton and Tunske

Ange & Piet

Type of stay: Guest Room

Dear Margriet and Ronald,

We look with a very good feeling back on our stay with you.
The warm together with good friends combined with the perfect hospitality that is so typical of Quinta Verde is a fantastic experience.
If we see you again there is soon this familiar feeling. And that's because of the keen interest that you have for all the focused attention, have an eye for detail, etc.

But also the way you are open, that makes the talks immediately goes about something. And that has its effect in good conversations, have fun with each other, etc.

What I enjoyed mostly is a state with that delectable breakfast with homemade roast beef. Challenges concern and offer quality; it is indicative of your Quinta Verde, the result of a way of standing in life.

Hopefully we will see each other again soon.

Much love from Ange and Piet

Family Guillerot

Type of stay: Guest Room

Our first two nights in Portugal we could not imagine better!

Thank you for this wonderful experience where you definitely have a lot of guests will be spoil ......

Accueil, calme, literie, confitures, photo, porto,... 10/10!

Patrick, Dominick, Loic, Eline and Oona

Jan en Margriet

Type of stay: holiday cottage

December 17, 2014 - January 2, 2015

2 wonderful weeks
on a beautiful spot
the old year
is quiet ended
and the new year
is ready to start.

John and Margriet

Jiri & Luke & Jorg

Type of stay: Gastenkamer

Dear Margriet and Ronald,
Thanks for the warm hospitality.
We enjoyed in particular:
- The outdoor kitchen
- Breakfast
- Location of the site and views
- Space and clean rooms
- Table tennis
- Dinner at Manelvina

We will not soon forget this weekend and are looking forward to our next stay.

On behalf of the cooking club the kitchenspoon,
Jiri & Luke & Jorg


Type of stay: Gastenkamer

Dear Ronald and Margriet,
What else is there to add to all the previous praise? We also enjoyed your hospitality, the wonderful bed, cozy living room, the surprise breakfasts with ever-changing music, etc., etc.
Our first time in Portugal because of this become unforgettable. Go follow another beautiful travel, so who knows Hopefully see you soon ....
And what we were lucky with the weather!
About 20 C - 28 C for late October is quite exceptional as you left a drizzly Netherlands.

Thank you very much for taking good care for trips and advice.
We still wish you good luck and many guests in this special B & B.

Marleen & Hans

Ernst & Ellen

Type of stay: Gastenkamer

Dear Ronald and Margriet,
Well where do we begin?
Today we say goodbye with a little pain in our heart . We had a great time with you !!
Everything, absolutely everything was right.... the room was in tip-top order, increasingly supplemented coffee corner, and THE BREAKFAST !!
You had after the first day by what we found tasty and went arrange that.
Also any advice on trips were great directions that got us anywhere. Really Top!
Without your favorites had been established less fun.
In addition, you really are at any time of the day for the guests finished. Super.
We found it a nice chat with you.
See you soon,

Ernst and Ellen

Sofie, Tom & Fenna

Type of stay: Gastenkamer

Dear Ronald and Margriet,
After two years, we came back this time with the three of us.
As we wrote then we came back for the fantastic breakfasts and your hospitality. The youngest visitor has resulted in her way of what life in the brewery. It was a fantastic week and we were very happy to see you once again!
Until next time!

Sofie, Tommeke and Fenna