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Kees, Bernadet & Louise

Type of stay: Guest Room

For a year, Louise (5 years) saved all her pocket money. All set aside to return to Quinta Verde in Portugal again!
When I asked her this morning whether it was as fun as she expected, she said "much more fun" and when I asked what she liked, she said with a big smile on her mouth "Ronald of course!" (Margriet was not at home this week otherwise she had said Ronald & Margriet )
Louise has so much enjoyed this week and we with her!

Thanks Ronald for all your good worries!
Thanks for everything
A lot of love
Kees, Bernadet and Louise

Kees & Trudie

Type of stay: Guest Room

Ronald and Margriet,
We have had a nice time here, we are well spoiled.
You had good ideas for us.
We have all watched them, amazingly!
We will be back for a week to the Algarve.
Kees and Trudie

Oh, have fun with the king and queen

Everything was Top

Ron & Anita

Type of stay: Guest Room

Dear Ronald and Margriet,
Thank you again for your hospitality and the cozy conversations we had.
We have enjoyed them again these days; also your good care and delicious breakfasts.
Enjoy your vacation soon!

Lots of love,
Ron and Anita

Evert, Yvonne & Mirte

Type of stay: holiday cottage

Dear Ronald and Margriet,
What a silence! What a rest! The only sound we hear is the enthusiastic bark of dogs when we walked each morning. The bark was a sign that we were back in the inhabited world.
During our walking ritual, we even wandered to be of the world. Great to just pick an apple for the thirst. Surely we were thirsty because of the up and down! It was a challenge every time to make the walk faster, our record is 1 hour and 16 seconds.
The bench for the cottage was a lovely place to get back to.
Not only the bench but also the good worries of you made sure that we have really gone away from daily activities.
The delicious breakfast, every time a surprise.
It is nice to see that you are willing to make the holiday for everyone with a lot of enthusiasm.
For us this has certainly been successful!

We look back to a nice holiday here in Portugal.
We wish you a lot of fun and health.

With kind regards,
Evert, Yvonne and Mirte

Hilde and Stijn

Type of stay: Guest Room

Dear Margriet, Super Ronald,
The last two weeks of September 2017 we were with you as a guest.
We felt right at home and thanks to your good concerns, the holiday started right away from the first day.
The accommodation was decorated with a lot of taste, was very tidy and radiated especially simplicity, calm and color. The breakfast was varied, healthy and delicious thanks to the various local bread, the wide variety of fruity homemade jams and cakes, the fresh fruit juice and not to mention the perfect tasting eggs of Ronald.
The common areas with a wide range of books and lots of information about Portugal, the swimming pool and the surrounding garden were of the same high level.
My fifty-fifth birthday had a flying start with a nice garland, a candy cake, a glass of bubbles with orange slice and the traditional `happy birthday to you`.
And your open mind, your customer friendliness, your pursuit of perfection, your generosity and the perfect service in every respect.
Thank you a thousand times, Margriet and Ronald to lay the foundation for the beautiful vacation we have had.
Hopefully again and again.
Dear greetings,
Hilde and Stijn

Anita & Ron

Type of stay: holiday cottage

Margriet & Ronald.
Yes, what to say, after all the praise before this. I would like to say the same.
As a dog lover, the emotional button is touched on the first page. But well, we have enjoyed, certainly from Portugal, with their lovely people, but also of you two.
You are truly two amazing hosts. Nice cake, nice wine, etc.
Ronalds speech waterfall, (would it be in the name) Nice open people, well done here in Portugal.
Stay healthy & enjoy during the busy work of the B&B.
Great so see you again in 1½ week,
`We will be back`

Anita & Ron

Peter & Ben

Type of stay: Guest Room

Dear Margriet and Ronald (o),
What have we enjoyed your enormous hospitality in a Quinta that is fantastic.
This was the first time we were staying in such a type of accommodation. Mostly hotels .... etc.
But if you can enjoy such a wonderful breakfast every day, the day is beginning wonderfull.
Have a nice swim in the beautiful pool after a tired day with house hunting. We will see what the outcome will be.
Beautiful surroundings, beautiful beaches, good food, everything perfect for an excellent vacation.

Thank you very much again.
Peter and Ben

Marc & Jolanda

Type of stay: Guest Room

Dear Ronald & Margriet
What was our stay at your FANTASTIC B&B QV TOP !!
Top location
Top breakfast
Top room
Top owners
everything was top

Your enthusiasm, attention and care is heartwarming and what a loving collaboration is coming from you.

What a lucky opportunity to have found you !! Thanks for everything!

Wish you all the luck together and hope to come back and see you again !!

Very sweet to Marc & Jolanda
from Castricum

Sonja & Bart

Type of stay: Guest Room

Dear Margriet & Ronald,
Unfortunately, our 7-days stay in Quinta Verde is almost up.
We found it very beautiful!
The central location of QV and the extensive and varied range of activities and attractions helped us with this.
But above all, thanks to you, we found it an absolute topper.
Your unimaginable eye for detail and striving for perfection, both in terms of location and always friendly and helpful contact with the guests, - thanks in particular to the daily morning sage leaflet, gave us an unforgettable week.

Many respect and thanks,
Keep you good!

Sonja & Bart

Johan & Chea

Type of stay: Guest Room

Dear Margriet and Ronald,
Our vacation began when we received your confirmation email.
Soon we started buying maps and books about Portugal and its beautiful cities, fauna and flora.
We have also read your extensive site with pleasure and everything in it makes you completely true.
The hospitality is exemplary and the inner person is nothing short of you.
We say to you voluntarily: We have enjoyed it!

A must for everyone!

Johan and Chea Goossen