Here you can read all of the unique experiences of those who have been in Quinta Verde! The reviews are orderd by date. Would you like to add a review to our guestbook? Mail it to us via our contact screen.


The 4 brothers Scholte

Type of stay: Guest Room

Dear Margriet and Ronald,
Hostess sits you both in the genes and therefore everything is right. A nice reception, drink, interest in your guests. The house and rooms are decorated with care.
Delicious breakfast, again with a personal touch. Keep going on strong!

The four brothers Scholte

Ton & Anneke

Type of stay: Guest Room

Dear Margriet and Ronald
What we have found in you is a quality residence.
Beautiful surroundings, a wonderful breakfast with all the trimmings, every morning yet another surprise.
You have been good hosts for us.

Ton and Anneke Krete

Bertie & Henk van Beek

Type of stay: Guest Room

Dear Margriet and Ronald,
It took some searching but a friendly Portuguese showed us the way, nevertheless we managed to ring around 11.30h (as you probably know is driving and navigating not our thing).
Despite the late hour, the welcome was very warm and friendly.
After a short tour of our impressions were very positive. Later, it was that just more positive.
The pampering during breakfast was culinary.

Nothing was too much of you to make us feel at home.
I got goose bumps the morning how your attention bestowed with Berties birthday (70).
Everything adorns beautiful and during breakfast there was singing lustily and presented a bottle of Cava.

We have visited dozens of B&Bs during our cycling holidays.
B & B Quinta Verde enters the Top3.
With breakfast, information, helpfulness and friendliness personal NUMBER I.

Margriet and Ronald thanks for the unforgettable beautiful days.
Bertie & Henk van Beek

Frans & Helma

Type of stay: Guest Room

Dear Ronald and Margriet,
We have this beautiful area close may see during our walks.
After a more than excellent breakfast we had enough energy to spend wandering the day.
Thank you for sealing the trails!
We enjoyed your hospitality and care!

Greetings from Frans and Helma

Jan & Margriet

Type of stay: Guest Room

Dear Ronald and Margriet,
Despite the frequent rain and colder temperatures we were experiencing a lot of warmth in your beautiful B&B!
We received the honour by two creative, thoughtful and inspiring people. Everything t.p top!

Thanks for your hospitality!

Jan & Margriet
Essen - Belgium

Place to definitely come back!

Jean et Chantal

Type of stay: Guest Room

Un sejour bien trop court mais agreable et calme.
Merci Margriet & Ronald pour votre accueil.

Jean et Chantal

Ben&Rea, Kees, Bernadet&Louise, Bart&Shaula, Tom

Type of stay: Guest Room

Dear Ronald and Margriet,
It is fantastic. Nice breakfast, lots of fruit. Nice that we had a BBQ. Nice that we sat down at the restaurant 2 times.
Big kiss Louise (4 years)

PS: I found my birthday cake was delicious.
I always want to again come to you.
Big hug.

Dear Ronald and Margriet,
You have a very beautiful place.
We really enjoyed your hospitality and sociability.
See you soon!
family Edskes
Ben & Rea, Kees, Bernadet & Louise, Bart & Shaula, Tom

Chris, Marieke, Marjolein en Rick

Type of stay: Guest Room

Dear Margriet and Ronald,
Last week was for us only superlative:
what a fantastic atmosphere you created in your Quinta Verde.
We have thoroughly enjoyed your hospitality, culinary Care, Advice, Interviews, collecting memories and what I forget to write down ..... Oh yeah ..... home-made jams, home-made birthday cake ..... it keeps on :)
All this, combined with beautiful surroundings, fun and educational trips, local restaurants, make our vacation unforgettable.

Cordial greetings
Chris and Marieke Vaupell

Dear Margriet and Ronald,
We had a wonderful holiday. We enjoyed the beautiful surroundings and lovely temperature in Portugal.
In your B & B, everything was fantastic!
Every day a delicious breakfast with lots of variety, good beds, great views, a nice shower and BBQ with lots of meat :)

We are going to highly recommend your B&B.

Rick & Marjolein,

Anne-Marie, Frans, Eva & Daan

Type of stay: Guest Room

Dear Margriet and Ronald,
Kingsday in Zwolle and we are in Portugal.
This was the third time (the fourth time if we count the cup of Again a wonderful haven in a hectic life. Again we were with us all.
Eva & Daan find it also very pleasant to be here. So you can also watch our children grown up. Slowly you turn the can, even after 2014, again for something new. Not too fast, we hope, because we will lose our pace to be, and we need to find a new place.
We have already done in Deventer. We hope to see you there again!

Thanks for everything, good health and see you soon.
Anne-Marie, Frans, Eva and Daan

Frans & Jeanet

Type of stay: Guest Room

Dear Margriet and Ronald.
It were only two nights to enjoy your wonderful home.
But so be memorable!
Your welcome is heartwarming.
The great breakfast tables surprisingly and huge.
We have had a very good time.
Lots of luck continue and go well with you.

Frans and Jeanet Hekkert