In october 2007 we bought a nice plot in the middle of Portugal. We started the construction of the B&B on the 15th of may 2008. Here you find the information about the progress of our B&B and house in Portuga. Regularly you can find an update on this page.

Update 09-05-2009

B&B Quinta Verde is finished!
We are very satisfied about the result. The communication with the laywer and the constructor was fantastic. They did a very good job to have our project ready even before the date that we agreed. At the moment we are also in Cabreiros to furnish the building and make everuthing prepared for our guests in june.
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Update 31-03-2009

The painter is ready with his work inside the house and the carpentry is almost done. All the doors, door frames and built-in wardrobes are handmate by the carpenter and they look magnificent! The colour of the ceder is very beautiful. At the outside of the house they started to pave the access road and the spacious parkingplace in front of the house. In a month we'll move to Portugal, we're looking forwoard to establish our Bed and Breakfast! Bouw Bouw

Update 06-03-2009

All the windows and doors are placed into the building and the look of the house is really different now. We are very satisfied about the communication between the builders and us. Everything is going fine! This week the painters will be starting to paint the in and outside walls. And also the electrician is working very hard.
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Update 25-01-2009

The temperature in January was about 12 degrees, with a lot of sunshine. the result is that the builders worked very hard. You can see that at the house: All the walls at the outside are finished and also the inner walls are finished. They only need to be painted. Also the window frames are placed and in the guestrooms the floors are ready and also the bathrooms are being tiled. The progress goes really fast and good. The communication and the advance are fabulous!
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Update 31-12-2008

In Portugal they are working very hard even during christmastime! The plastering on the outside of the building is finished, now the painters can come! The colour of the house will be white with yellow accents, like the old houses in Obidos. We like that very much.

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Update 11-12-2008

Our Portugese constructor is about one month sooner finished than was planned, not half may but half april, so we have more time to make everything ready. At this moment they are making the pipes for gas, water and electricity and in the house the electrician makes the boxes. Also the preperation for the road has started so it can consolidate for 2 or 3 month and than they can pave the road. The weather is 2 or 3 days rainy and windy 7 - 8 degrees and than 2 or 3 days sunny and 15 degrees.

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Update 15-11-2008

The roof is on the house with nice orange tiles, typical Portuguese is the white part of the tiles. Now the builders are working on the electricity and sanitary of the house and the guestrooms. The weather is still nice and about 17 degrees with sun and now an then some clouds.

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Update 22-10-2008

The inside and outer walls are ready and accommodate with an isolated interlayer. Also the pool is covered with a firm layer of concrete, now it has to be tiled. The finishing of the roof is complete different from building in the north of Europe. You can see that for yourself on the pictures below.
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Update 10-10-2008

The bricks to build the walls in the guestrooms are arrived. Inside the house the builder also start the execution of division walls in the bedrooms area; these walls are with two brick walls with 5cm of acoustic isolation in the middle of the walls.The formworks for the house are ready so they can recive the concreet. We find that the workers are going well with the job.
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Update 23-08-2008

Welcome on the projectpage of the website of B&B Quinta Verde! They work very hard to built our Bed and Breakfast in Portugal at the moment. They finished the ceilings of the guestrooms and the garage. The way of building is different than in England. You can see that on the photos. After they shed the concrete, they leave it for one month so the concrete can dry. .