Grand Cru Quinta Verde 2017


We have had a very good fruit year this year. A dry spring gives a lot of blossom and a lot of fruit. The pear trees and the apple trees were full of fruit. For the first time we also had a lot of grapes. Ronald wanted it for a long time: to make his own wine in Portugal for the first time!

The work about this was greatly overestimated. First picking about 30 to 40 kilograms of grapes, then picking up the grapes from the buns and make sure that there are no stools. The big bowl we had turned out was not big enough, so we bought a super-sized bowl, one of 240 liters!

Then Ronald could equip himself with his feet in a soda water tank, then tear the grapes firmly with his shoesize 44. The most time consuming was the sieving and the separation of the peel and juice.

With a colleague he bought a very special yeast, one used to make champagne that promised something! After that, the process of fermentation could begin, which lasts a number of months before the fermentation process has elaborated. The special bottles with a waterlock were emerged and bottles filled.

Now it is awaiting for the completion of our own Grand Cru Quinta Verde 2017, this will be continued.