The animal concert at Quinta Verde


Most of the guests of Bed & Breakfast Quinta Verde say it`s here so incredibly peaceful and quiet. To some extent we agree with that. Quiet it`s certainly, you hardly hear any traffic noise. At most the noise of a simmering tractor or agricultural processors that run along the road with a scythe or hacker on the shoulder and say "Bom dia".

But there are plenty of sounds! Who has ears, there is nature at Quinta Verde and plenty to listen to.

It starts early in the morning as the sun rise just above the mountains: in the grove next to our B&B all songbirds try to reach each other with their warble, chirping and beautiful melodies.

At this hour of the day we see rabbits hopping and nibbling at the herbs by the pool.

As the sun rises higher and the stones warms on our terrace, they come forth.
The perky little lizards which as soon as they are watching us shoot off in all directions. Sometimes you're lucky and remains one sitting and you can see the beautiful patterns of gray to blue moss on its back. On contact the lizard let go his tail, we see it regularly one who has no tail. Sometimes a lizard has bad luck, the evening cold is too fast for him and he cannot move because it is a cold-blooded animal. We find in the morning a beautiful but dead animal. So there was one, which was looking for a night stay in my blue towel that hung to dry on the railing. He survived, but barely moved. It gave a nice picture!

In the air, you can see the raptors in the middle of the day carry on the thermals of hot air. Such as golden eagle, buzzard and a beautiful serpent eagle. Their shrill cries sounded pretty up from our valley (Vale de Pipa)!

If you're lucky, you can hear the call of the Hoopoe. He calls his own name: hoop, hoop, hoop ... His appearance is exceptional with its large crest and striking colors. His flight looks more like a slow, large butterfly than a bird. This spring we had much luck: during breakfast a Hoopoe came down into the garden next to the breakfast room and we were able, together with our guests, with bated breath, to enjoy its beautiful appearance!

In the afternoon it`s quiet in the animal world, they keep very sensible, like most Southern Europeans, a siesta.

When night falls and you wonder about the countless stars that can be seen here, the night insects (such as grasshoppers and crickets) begin a concert of buzz, roar and sometimes it seems even like a fire alarm so hard they go racing. You cannot see them unfortunately. If you walk towards the sound, they hide very quickly in the holes and stop producing their sound.

The natural concert of Quinta Verde will end, if you're lucky, in the middle of the night with the call of the male Tawny Owl and the shrill cry of the response of its female.

So really quiet; no it`s not, it`s very fascinating .......