Warm through the winter.


In Portugal, public buildings, schools and pasteleria`s are not heated in the winter. When the sun shines, windows and doors stand wide open and children are sitting in the coldest period with jackets and ties in the classroom, it is often warmer outside than inside.

We weren`t  used to this in the first years, but now we find it very simply to live no longer in a totally heated house. From mid-November we put a block of wood in the woordstove in the evening and in the daytime it is often not necessary. From mid-December to late January, we lit the woodstove often during the day because it is too cold, but just our living room is heated and not the rest of the house. Since February it`s here in Portugal, real spring and firing is no longer needed!

We order every November a truck with wood for our woodstove and we have to stock it enough to come through the winter weather. It is not only warm but also a fun activity to create the stove and to keep burning properly. From now we`ll be nice and warm in the coming winter!