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Number 1 in Portugal!

What a surprise it was to receive this year a box in our mail box containing the Zoover golden Award 2015! read more

The animal concert at Quinta Verde

Most of the guests of Bed & Breakfast Quinta Verde say it`s here so incredibly peaceful and quiet. To some extent we agree with that. Quiet it`s certainly, you hardly hear any traffic noise. At most the noise of a simmering tractor or agricultural processors that run along the road with a scythe or hacker on the shoulder and say "Bom dia". read more

Spring in Portugal!

The roses and honeysuckle on the terraces of the rooms are completely pruned, fortunately knows our gardener Ronald that this will be solved and that in `no time` the plants are again completely grown. Pruning is growing! read more


Actually, in Portugal throughout the year, you`ll find flowering plants or shrubs. because of the mild climate roses and geraniums bloom until late December. read more

Travallers Choice Award 2015

B&B Quinta Verde is rated by our guests as one of the best B&B`s in Portugal. yhe 13th place out of a total of 466 B&B`s. We are very, very happy! read more

Orange trees

Oranges grow everywhere in Portugal, also here in the Costa de Prata and at B & B Quinta Verde you can see are many citrus trees.  Now, in November, the fruits begin to color from dark green to bright orange and everywhere you can see trees full of oranges. You might want to bite in it .... read more