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Travellers choice award

We are very proud of our Travellers Choice Award 2016 from TripAdvisor! That means that we are up to 1% B & B`s in Portugal who are assessed by TripAdvisor. Many thanks to all those who have taken the trouble to write a review of their stay with us. read more

Pruning does grow

Our citrus trees were amazing in May last year .... we thought. Until Sr. Carlos from contruction Louricasa came and told us that it is now really needed to be significantly prune all the trees. It seemed such a waste! They were all beautiful in bloom, and that would go all removed now. read more


When we bought our land in 2008, the previous owner told us that most of the fruit trees in the orchard were too old and actually had to be uprooted. We have, for some years, had a lot of fun and picked many apples and produced homemade apple juice. But we also saw that it was time to remove the trees. read more

Yesterday was a special Sunday for us: we have made a boat trip on the River Tagus and Lisbon can agree from the water while enjoying beautiful jazz music, a snack, drink and pleasant company. read more


In every season everywhere in our garden you can find flowers, but the highlight of the colors and various flowers is surely in the spring and early summer. read more

Loaded under the plums

Each year our plum tree, which is next to the holiday cottage, gives us a very good harvest in bright yellow and very juicy plums. read more